Mar 12, MAGNEX® LW was developed for the detection of ferromagnetic objects buried underground and in water. Using an extension cable with. The MAGNEX® LW serves for the finding of fer- romagnetic objects which are buried underground or underwater. A further important field of use of. The MAGNEX(R) LW serves for the finding of ferromagnetic objects which are buried underground or underwater. A further important field of use of the.

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For mapping large areas or for long paths as well as also for use on water EBINGER offers vehicle-mounted and GPS-supported multi-channel systems with data recording and visualization software.

The locator is robust and watertight offering an excellent long time stability concerning parallelism and tilting compensation. The system is pressure water proof to the cable length. The detector went through comprehensive internal tests: Weight, carrying operational magnec set. The average area able to be mapped by one operator is around 1. What are explosive remnants of war? The locating of UXO, pipes or concealed weapon caches are typical tasks for this detector.

MAGNEX(R) 120 LW magnetic anomaly detector for detection of ferromagnetic objects

Indication starts by single signal pulses, which increase in frequency when approaching an object. Both are supplied in domestic and int. The sensitivity stepping switch and the compensation knob can be operated with the same hand the l is held with.

The design is based on two inductors, which are sensitive to magnetism and placed inside the probe. The MX-PDA system is a measurement data recording system which applies in the detection of magnetic anomalies underground.


This allows a rapid non-invasive cartography on land in order to search for UXO or archaeological structures as well as doing large scale soil evaluations. Depending on the particular detection location and the working conditions the average mapping result is in the range of approximately 12 hectares per day for a four metre wide vehicle-mounted frame.

Sand Peat Clay Ferruginous soil laterite. It can host up to 16 fluxgate gradiometers on a trailer having a width of 3.

If required these can be enhanced with a GPS system. Size position and magnetic intensity of the search magbex determine the possible detection range. Hard Soft case material. Our expertise Outreach and regional cooperation. The sensitivity switch offers the following sensitivity levels: For high resolution mapping these can be mounted at distances apart of 25 cm.

This indication, is also converted into a threshold-less audio signal. The EBEX equipment permits a particularly versatile range of applications, since the various equipment components make more than 50 individual combinations possible. The carrier can be handled by one operator in one day and the productivity is increased by a factor of three. The essential operation as well as batteries and electronics circuitry are integrated into the carrying.

The ease of use and the short training time required make them ideal for GIS system. The models, which are used in the evaluation of the magnetic anomaly and pulse-electromagnetic induction data, facilitate interpreting of the objects that have been localized in respect of their. This data acquisition system collects and evaluates magnetic or electromagnetic measurements.

Magnetometer MAGNEX LW

It is intended for the detection and location of all ferromagnetic objects buried underground, and especially ammunitions on battlefield areas. Reduction for higher quantity. Home Resources Equipment catalogue.


It suits for standard on surface usage as well as for borehole inspection. The UPEX M large loop technology enables low skilled personnel to locate air delivered ordnance buried at depth. Download Download this record as a PDF.

Magnetometer MAGNEX 120 LW

Inductor spacing is mm. Large ferrous objects can be located as far as up 6 meters buried underground. UXO and pipes are typical search objects for the Magnetic Anomaly Detector, pw is preferably used in the field of post-conflict battle area clearance.

The probe can be dismantled for immersion under water or in bore holes.

UXO detection – CODETEL

Maintenance and support There are no special requirements for technicians or workshop facilities. Operational life of battery is approximately 40 hours. New light weight Lithium Ion battery technologyOne man operationFrom 3- to 5-channel expandableFlexible probe distance variable track width Probe height adjustable over groundRugged design, for use in difficult terrainVarious wheelsExpendable with GPS systemErgonomic, lightweight design More.

Technology subject archives Project archives. Instruction and maintenance manuals are available in Arabic, Englisch, French, German, Italian and Russian; other languages available on request. Detectors systems in use to date.

After download of the detection data from EPAD to a PC the detection result data is displayed as a map and can be processed to assist in planning resources, personnel, finance and priorities.