ww2dbaseKarl Maria Wiligut was born in Vienna, Austria-Hungary in His father was of the Roman Catholic faith, but was also a follower of the German. Karl Maria Wiligut was born in Vienna on December 10, , son of Franz Karl Wiligut, Budapest in both his father and granfather were. Of all the strange personalities in Adolf Hitler’s entourage, Karl Maria Wiligut was certainly the oddest. Wiligut was born on December 10, in Vienna, then.

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Wiligut’s friend Manfred von Knobelsdorff attempted to practise Wiligut’s Irminism on the Wewelsburg. Czepl compiled a report for the archive of the O. Wiligut’s convictions assumed a paranoid trait ,aria the s as he became convinced that his family was the victim of a continuing persecution of Irminists, at present conducted by the Roman Catholic Wiljgut, the Jews, and the Freemasons, on which groups he also blamed the defeat of World War I and the downfall of the Habsburg Empire.

Karl Maria Wiligut

In NovemberKarl Wolffchief adjutant of Himmler’s personal staff and the second-highest-ranking officer in the SS, visited Wiligut’s wife and learned of Wiligut’s earlier involuntary commitment to a mental institution, which proved embarrassing to Himmler. But like many Austro-Hungarian staff officers, he felt that his country had been cheated of victory in the war. Wiligut identified Irminism as the true German ancestral religion, claiming that Guido von List ‘s Wotanism and Armanen runic row was a schismatic false religion.

Inwhile stationed at Znaim in Moravia, Wiligut became intrigued by a curious prehistoric menhir called the Rabensteinthe subject of much local folklore. Essentially an occultist and follower of Irminism both his early life and later life show a man with issues bought on by schizophrenia and alcohol abuse. Alex Kurtagic marked it as to-read Dec 05, But in the end this man was responsible for the design of the SS Honor ring, had a major role in the takeover and redesign of Wewelsburg castle which would be the epicenter of the SS ideology, and designed or at least amended the runic alphabet utilized during the period.


No matching locations Show all locations. Evacuated to Austria inWiligut was there when the war ended. Ebear marked it as to-read Aug 12, The Book Whore marked it as to-read Jul 01, In MayWiligut was recalled from the front in the South Tyrol and placed in command of camps for returned soldiers at Zolkiew, north of Mafia in the Ukraine.

Published July 12th by Runa-Raven first published Wiligut’s names for his runes are: Victor rated it liked it Mar 19, Millions were spent on the tunnel, and work continued until Novemberwhen the lack of supplies forced the SS project to close. When looking at the SS, Karl Wiligut would have to be one of the most bizarre figures within Himmler’s inner circle.

In BC, the Wotanists succeeded in destroying the Irminic religious center at Goslar wilugut, following which the Irminists erected a new temple at the Externsteinewhich was in turn appropriated by the Wotanists in AD Chris marked it as to-read Oct 13, Arturo rated it it was ok Jun 15, Like von List’s Armanen runes that are closely based on the Younger Futharkmany of Wiligut’s runes are identical to historical runes, with some additions.

Runes without precedent in the historical runes are Tel a crossed ring, similar to the sun cross symbolTor like a Latin TZil like a rotated Latin ZGibor taken from von List’s runes. Inthe retired colonel founded his own volkisch newspaper, Der Eiserne Besen, The Iron Broom and began calling for a right wing revolt to overthrow the socialist Austrian republic. He fell ill during the trip in December Return to Book Page. First prize undoubtedly goes to “Wiligut’s Tunnel.

Wiligut designed the dreaded SS Totenkopfring and hat badge, plus the runic symbols used on black SS uniforms and flags.

Wyatt Kaldenberg rated it liked it Aug 13, Zackj marked it as to-read Oct 27, Open Preview See a Problem? But age had finally caught up with the old warlock. Wiligut claimed that his ancestors, the Adler-Wiligoten, ended a long period of war.

Greg Mills added it Dec 04, Promoted to Standartenfuhrer in on a fast track to Brigadefuhrer and member of Himmler’s personal staff in Winterborn rated it it was amazing Dec 03, According to Wiligut, Germanic culture and history reached back toBC.


Wiligut claimed to possess ancestral-clairvoyant memory, which enabled him to recall the history and experiences of his tribe over thousands of years.

Karl Maria Wiligut

Millions were spent on the tunnel and work continued until Novemberwhen the lack of supplies forced the SS project to close. Trivia About The Secret King: Never before have source documents of this nature been made available to the English-speaking world! Wiligut was baptised a Roman Catholic [1] in Vienna. Truth be told, most times when looking at personalities of the 3rd Reich there is pretty much standardized information available in multiple forms and text, with Karl Wiligut and with most of the text being in German, and because of the complexities involved with his beliefs and how they wilight with actual history as well as hypothetical and mystical entities, attempting to cover it all is quite frustrating.

He was declared legally incompetent by a Salzburg court and committed to a Salzburg asylum, where he remained until By 12, BC, the Irminic religion of Krist was revealed and from that time became the religion of all Germanic peoples, until the schismatic adherents of Wotanism gained the upper hand. TR rated it liked it May 23, The Wiligut family were supposed to be sages of Irminism who were driven into the northern European wilderness by rival sorcerers in 1, B.

Handrick iwligut it as to-read Aug 05, Matthew Mcguinness marked it as to-read May 26, Wiligut claimed to possess ancestral-clairvoyant memory, which enabled him to recall the history and experiences of his tribe over thousands of years.

Karl Maria Wiligut claimed to have ‘ancestral’ knowledge that allowed him insight Runic Key to decipher hidden messages.