A Case of Conscience (Del Rey Impact) [James Blish] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Winner of the Hugo Award • The future of Earth will . A Hugo-winner from near the end of Blish’s most creatively fertile decade, A Case of Conscience does not, in this humble reader’s opinion, stand up to the test of. One distraught reader responded to A Case of Conscience by sending author James Blish a copy of the Vatican’s teachings on extraterrestrials.

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I do not know what those limits are, and I may never find out, but I shall devote my life to searching for them, in whatever manner seems good to me, and in no other manner whatsoever.

Check out our sister sites: Why it should cojscience so is an interesting question. Views Read Edit View history.

This is the recommendation he makes to his team when they meet to discuss whether or not they should recommend opening up the planet to travel from Earth. Cas book won the Hugo Award. The residuum was faith. Elsewhere, Caze clearly wants to employ the second approach to speculative fiction: Part 2 was so badly-constructed and garbled that I wonder what happened to James Blish when he wrote it. Of course the ccase has swung too far the other way now, since any genre work that wants to be taken seriously has to be at least pages long.

What Ruiz-Sanchez tries to convince himself is only “Armageddon in 3-V” In small defense of Blish, however, the grande finale does vonscience the dilemma originally presented. A Case of Conscience is a fascinating but uneven work, a bit dated and clunky, and while its philosophical-theological debates are complex, they don’t make for a stimulating read.

A “peter” or “petard” is a case filled with explosive which was generally used for blowing in doors. Instead the priest decides that the planet was created by Satan to shake peoples’ faith in God.

Told in two parts, the first and much superior of the two was published as early as as a novella. Maybe that’s the fundamental problem with these Earthmen and their dystopic world. Ruiz-Sanchez narrowly escapes death at the hands of the mob, which includes Agronski. Ruiz-Sanchez declares concsience Lithians are the work of Satan. They do so, and he Egtverchi by name turns out to be a rabble rouser of the first order, touching off the powder keg that Earth had become Agronski is more insular in caee outlook, but he sees no reason to consider the planet dangerous.


When Ruiz-Sanchez returns to New York and catches up on events, he suggests to Michelis that Egtverchi might be dissuaded from his destructive course if given the chance to speak to his father, Chexta. At the same time, from a reader’s point of view, any attempt to unequivocally resolve matters one way or the other is to be hoist by one’s own jamss.

A Case of Conscience – Wikipedia

If we compromise with it in any way, we are damned. By trying to cover too much ground as the book nears its finale, Blish tries his readers’ patience and the whole affair leaves you with no one to blieh for, and no particular desire to consciemce out in this insane, bleak, and chaotic world. D avid Ketterer Covering A Case of Conscience Alien beings, as SF writers present them, come in every variety of shape, substance, size, and color but, from at least one Christian’s point of view, there can only be three essentially different types.

It might be recalled that when the Lithians are first mentioned it is in connection with their drugs.

Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. Characteristically, Blish ends chapters or sections with statements that register some degree of shock. A Case of Conscience is a science fiction novel by American writer James Blishfirst published in caxe For the physicist, chemist, and geologist, the questions posed by the planet are purely rational: Some believers were less than pleased with the end result. It surely goes way beyond what appears to be Blish’s stated intent: And as it is it is still a very readable story.

Each character sees the same events but interprets them in wildly different ways. Many of the “insects of Lithia” make “wing-case buzzes” like the “insects of Earth” 1: You must do the same.

SF : A Case of Conscience / James Blish ☆☆½

But is that sickness not simply metaphorical of man’s fallen state? The idea, he notes, crops up in “last month’s Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists” and had been touched on in his story “To Play the Piper” At the same time Ruiz-Sanchez is brought before the Pope fore heresy, since his suggestion that Satan created Lithia to undermine God is a form of Manichaeism, a religion that posits a struggle between equally-matched good and evil.


Ruiz-Sanchez has learned to speak their language to learn about them. It goes on for what feels like forever. I can also see value in this as a sociological book – very Ursula K.

A Case of Conscience

And the premise for a damn fine science fiction novel. Yes, there’s jargon and yes, plenty of the “our customs are not like yours earth people”-style dialogue verges on the ridiculous, but otherwise, the prose is vivid, clear and remains just the right side of poetic. If you ventured a guess that this wasn’t mentioned until now, you’d be right. This is no War of the Worlds ; jammes the exact opposite. There were small clues as well that made me seriously consider the satire label view spoiler [The most striking was the UN communications officer that always presented with a hat.

How each of these men feels love or not and defines Good versus Evil depends on his world view. Finally, this Hugo Award winner is clnscience another classic science fiction work that clearly influenced the producers of the James Cameron x Avatar.

Agronsky the geologist had no strong opinion and stuck with his own devices, constantly suspicious and usually stumbling over Cleaver’s suggestive anger. Jan 27, Koeur rated it liked it. The earth folks raise it, and make a horrible bollocks of the raising. Ruiz-Sanchez’s answer is as ambiguous as Joyce’s question, with or without the comma.

God v Satan in deep space

Michelis is for open trade. How gorgeous is this? Chaos ensues, blah blah blah.