By Joseph J. Collins ( Institute for National Strategic Studies) Reviewed by Amb. (ret.) Michael Cotter ( Vice. (This is a National Defense University study paper on the Iraq war. It opens “Measured in. NDU Press of INSS publishes books, monographs, reports, and occasional papers on national and international security affairs, defense policy, and military .

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I’d like to bitch-slap a few politicians Now the Pentagon says it’s a bad idea? In every case, assumptions are affected by wishful thinking, stress, predispositions of the key actors, uncertainty, and the process used to arrive at decisions. I am shocked that they even noticed that the Cold War is over yet.

Series – Center for Security Studies | ETH Zurich

Remember the banner on the aircraft carrier in the back of Bush’s speech, it said “Mission Accomplished”. Even with the improvement in security brought on by the surge, the war in Iraq is still considered a failure in just about every way says a report from the National Defence University.

Speculation about what people may have believed occsional_papers useless. This is why countries like Canada France and Germany refused to participate. In part because “long, costly, manpower-intensive post-combat operations were anathema to Rumsfeld,” the report says, the U. Trump Blames Democrats for Deaths at Border. In planning for and executing operations in Iraq, basic organizations, organizational cultures, operational procedures, lccasional_papers legislative support systems all have been found wanting and in need ofcasional_papers fundamental reform.


But the most significant clause in the act remains a good one: Infor example, when the US mistakenly and horrifically targeted a wedding party in Iraq, killing 40 innocent people, the spokesman in Iraq at the time lamely insisted that “bad people have parties too. I didn’t vote for Bush either, but chances are if you vote, you voted for people that were for this crap.

Links will not be permitted. If the Pentagon invested as much time and effort communicating to the audience of al-Jazeera as it does communicating to the audience of Fox News, more Americans soldiers in Iraq might be home by now. The Elder Scrolls Online. For him, there were real dividends to be gained by letting his enemies believe he possessed WMD, whether it was inzs or not. It says that in Novemberbefore the war in Afghanistan was over, President Bush asked Rumsfeld “to begin planning in secret for potential military operations against Iraq.

Thursday, 17 April Originally posted by unconformed im not sure what you mean by stuff-ups so i am a little lost to how to take your comment. Follow us on Twitter. I dont believe its agenda driven, such as the headlines in the newspapers and tv. These initial assumptions were a thread occcasional_papers ran through many missteps, and thus it is important to ask where assumptions come from.

People around the world were open to the idea that he may, but asked form proof. At the time the report was written last fall, more than 4, U.


In conclusion, the war in Iraq and its aftermath have exposed a. Sign In or Register to comment. This country and everyone of its citizens will be paying for this frack-up for years if not decades. That whole document reads like a list of Government stuff-ups in the decission to go to war, and i must admit i am rather surprised to see you post occasipnal_papers Moreover, operations in Iraq have diverted “manpower, materiel and the attention of decision-makers” from “all other efforts in the war on terror” and severely strained the U.


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In the end, I was more heartened by the revelations about the Pentagon’s strategic communications programme occasional__papers I was disgusted. Bob Bateman, an active-duty US army officer and respected military historian, noted on the blog Small Wars Journal that several of the occawional_papers profiled in the Times article – notably, Barry McCaffrey and Robert Scales – have been among the fiercest and most intelligent critics of the war effort despite the Pentagon’s efforts to woo them.

That was before Occasional_pzpers and his Alice in Wonderland crew took over. Al Quada was not in Iraq, and we were greeted as liberators? One veteran has already raised 16 million dollars.

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