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One Hundred Years of Solitude Spanish: The magical realist style and thematic substance of One Hundred Years of Solitude established it gafcia an important representative novel of the literary Latin American Boom of the s and s, [1] which was stylistically influenced by Modernism European and North American and the Cuban Vanguardia Avant-Garde literary movement.

Since it was first published in May in Buenos Aires by Editorial Sudamericana, One Hundred Years of Solitude has been translated into 37 languages and has sold more gabruel 30 million copies.

Gabriel Garcia Márquez: Sto rokov samoty / 百年孤独 – Chinese books

For years the town is solitary and unconnected to the outside world with the exception of the annual visit of a band of gypsies, who show the townspeople technology such as magnetstelescopes and ice. Ultimately he is driven insane, speaking only in Latinand is tied to a chestnut tree by his family for many years until his death.

Eventually Macondo becomes exposed to the outside world and the government of newly-independent Colombia.

He becomes an iconic revolutionary leader, fighting for many years and surviving multiple attempts on his life, but ultimately becomes tired of war and signs a peace treaty with the Conservatives. Disillusioned, he returns to Macondo and spends the rest of his life making tiny goldfish out of gold in his workshop.

The railroad comes to Macondo, bringing in new technology and many foreign settlers. An American fruit company constructs a banana plantation outside the town and builds their own segregated village across the river.

This ushers in a period of prosperity that ends in tragedy as thousands of striking plantation workers are massacred by the Colombian army, an incident based on the real life Banana Massacre of He decodes an encryption left behind in a manuscript by Melquiades generations ago. As he reads the manuscript, a hurricane destroys all trace of Macondo’s existence. A dominant theme in One Hundred Years of Solitude is the inevitable and inescapable repetition of history in Macondo.

The protagonists are controlled by their pasts and the complexity of time.

Throughout the novel the characters are visited by ghosts. The ghosts and the displaced repetition that they rlkov are, in fact, firmly grounded in the particular development of Latin American history”. The fate of Macondo is both doomed and predetermined from its very existence.

The narrative seemingly confirms fatalism in order to illustrate the feeling of entrapment that ideology can performatively create. Yellow and gold are the most frequently used colors and they are symbols of imperialism and the Spanish Siglo de Oro.

Gold signifies a search for economic wealth, whereas yellow represents death, change, and destruction. It is the reason for the location of the founding of Macondo, but it is also a symbol of the ill fate of Macondo. Higgins writes that, “By the final page, however, the city of mirrors has become a city of mirages.

Macondo thus represents the dream of a brave new world that America seemed to promise and that was cruelly proved illusory by the subsequent course of history. It could be said that the novel is one of a number of texts that “Latin American culture has created fokov understand itself.

This archive narrates the story of a Latin America discovered by European explorers, which had its historical entity developed by the printing press. The Archive is a symbol of the literature that is the foundation of Latin American history and also a decoding instrument.

Technically, use of particular historic events and characters narratively renders One Hundred Years of Solitude an exemplary work of wamoty realismwherein the novel compresses centuries maruqez cause and effect whilst telling an interesting story.


He flirts with alchemy and astronomy and becomes increasingly withdrawn from his family and community. She exhibits a very strong character and often succeeds where the men of her family fail, for example finding a route to the outside world from Macondo. He marries his adopted sister Rebeca, causing his banishment from the mansion, and he dies from a mysterious gunshot wound, days after saving his brother from execution.

During the wars he fathered 17 sons by unknown women, [12] all named Aureliano. Four of them later begin to live in Macondo, and in the span of several weeks all of them but one including those who chose not to remain in Macondo are murdered by unknown assassins, before any of them had reached thirty-five years of age.

Chinese books 中文书

Remedios was the samity daughter of the town’s Conservative administrator, Don Apolinar Moscote. The future Colonel Aureliano falls in love with her, marquea her extreme youth.

She dies shortly after the marriage from a blood poisoning illness during her pregnancy. Gaabriel soon before the Colonel’s death, her dolls are displayed in his bedroom.

Amaranta dies a lonely and virginal spinsterbut comfortable in her existence after having finally accepted what she had become. She arrives carrying a canvas bag containing her parents’ bones and seems not to understand or speak Spanish.

After his mysterious and untimely death, she lives gwbriel seclusion for the rest of her life. When the Liberal forces in Macondo fall, Arcadio is shot by a Conservative firing squad. He is eventually shot to death by a Conservative captain midway through the wars.

Centeno stay in Macondo and become a permanent part of the family. Eventually, as revenge against the Colonel, all are assassinated by the government, which identified them by the mysteriously permanent Ash Wednesday cross on their foreheads.

The only survivor of the massacre is A. Amador, who escapes into the jungle only to be assassinated at the doorstep of his father’s house many years later. She rejects clothing and beauty. Too beautiful and, arguably, too wise for the world, Remedios ascends into the sky one afternoon in the 4pm sun, while folding Fernanda’s white sheet.

Saamoty plays a major role in the banana worker strike, and is the only survivor when the company massacres the striking workers. He rokoc at the exact instant that his twin does. He turns to search for a buried treasure, which nearly drives him to insanity. He dies of an unknown throat gabbriel at the same moment as his twin. Fernanda del Carpio Fernanda comes from a ruined, aristocratic family that kept her isolated from the world. Fernanda is brought to Macondo to compete with Remedios for the title of Queen of the local carnival; gagcia, her appearance turns the carnival into a bloody confrontation.

After the fiasco, she marries Aureliano Segundo, who despite this maintains a domestic relation with his concubine, Petra Cotes. She has three children by Aureliano Segundo: She remains in the house after her husband dies, taking care of the household until her death.

One Hundred Years of Solitude – Wikipedia

Her mental and emotional instability is revealed through her paranoia, her correspondence with the ” invisible doctors “, and her irrational behavior towards Aureliano, whom she tries to isolate from the whole world. After her mother declares that she is to do nothing but play the clavichord, she is sent to school where she receives her performance degree as well as academic recognition.

While she pursues the clavichord with ‘an inflexible discipline’, to placate Fernanda, she also enjoys partying and exhibits the same tendency towards excess as her father. Meme meets and falls in love with Mauricio Babilonia, but when Fernanda discovers their affair, she arranges for Mauricio to be shot, claiming that he was a chicken thief. She then takes Meme to a convent. Meme remains mute gabirel the rest of her life, partially because of the trauma, but also as a sign of rebellion.


Several months later she gives birth to a son, Aureliano, at the convent. Aureliano arrives in a basket and Fernanda is tempted to kill the gabbriel in order to avoid shame, but instead claims he is an orphan in order to cover up her daughter’s promiscuity and is forced to “tolerate him against her will for the rest of her life because at the moment of truth she lacked the courage to go through with her inner determination to drown him He returns from Rome without having become a stl.

He spends his days pining for Amaranta, the object of his obsession. Later, he begins a tentative friendship with Aureliano Babilonia, his nephew.

He becomes her best friend in childhood. He is hidden from everyone by his grandmother, Fernanda. He is strikingly similar to his namesake, the Colonel, and has the same character patterns as well. He is taciturn, silent, and emotionally charged. He only ventures into the empty town after the death of Fernanda. When both she and her child die, he is able to decipher the parchments. His name echoes Melchizedek in the Old Testament, whose source of authority as a high priest was mysterious.

She dies some time after she turns years old she had eventually stopped counting[12] surviving until the very last days of Macondo. The word “Ternera” in Spanish signifies veal or calf, which is fitting considering the way she is treated by Aureliano, Jose Arcadio, and Arcadio. Also, it could be a play on the word “Ternura”, which in Spanish means “Tenderness”.

Pilar is always presented as a very loving figure, and the author often uses names in a similar fashion. She plays an integral part in the plot as she is the link between the second and the third generation of the Buendia family. The author highlights her importance by following samory death with a declaratory “it was the end. Pietro is a very handsome and polite Italian musician who runs a music school.

He becomes engaged to Rebeca, but Amaranta, who also loves him, manages to delay the wedding for years. Despondent over the loss of both sisters, he kills himself.

Petra is a dark-skinned woman with gold-brown eyes similar to those of a panther. She is Aureliano Segundo’s mistress and the love of his life. She arrives in Macondo as a teenager with her first husband.

When she meets Aureliano Segundo, she begins a relationship with him as well, not knowing they are two different men. He continues to see her, even after his marriage. He eventually lives marquz her, which greatly embitters his wife, Fernanda del Carpio. When Aureliano and Petra make love, their animals reproduce at an amazing rate, but their livestock is wiped out during the four years of rain.

Petra makes sajoty by keeping the lottery alive and provides food baskets for Fernanda and her family gavriel the death of Aureliano Segundo. After tasting the local bananas for the first time, he arranges for a banana company to set up a plantation in Macondo.

The plantation is run by the dictatorial Mr. The banana company and the government completely cover up the event. The company arranges for the gaecia to kill off any resistance, then leaves Macondo for good. Mauricio is a brutally honest, generous and handsome mechanic for the banana company. He has the unusual characteristic of being constantly swarmed by yellow butterflies, which follow even his lover for a time. Mauricio begins a romantic affair with Meme until Fernanda discovers them and tries to end it.