XXVII. SALVINIACEAE Family published in Volume I Description of the family (pdf ) Acepted genera of the family SALVINIACEAE. Salvinia Nomenclature. Class – Polypodiopsida Cronquist & al. Subclassis – Polypodiidae Cronquist & al. Ordo – Salviniales Bartl. Familia – Salviniaceae Martinov Genus – Salvinia Ség. Familia – Salviniaceae Martinov Genus – Salvinia Ség. Heterotypic synonyms: Salvinia rotundifolia Willd. Maps: distribution. Occurrence: [aFe aGe Hs aSu].

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True to their nature, they would normally grow wild in serene places where the waters are still, floating on the water surface with the roots hanging. El gnero Salvinia se diferencia de Azolla por: Biology pages with wikidata link; Taxon galleries; Navigation menu. Fiche taxon sur www.

View all All Photos Tagged salviniaceae. Familia salviniaceae pdf Bukit Tagar, Selangor, Malaysia. Showing the normally submerged sporocarps. Brown velvet by Anita Gould. In Florida, the Salvinia Weevil is also present and seems to keep the Salvinia minima from being as much of a problem as it is in other parts of the south.

Salvinia molesta

View this image in my Herbarium Set to see it associated with images that show other aspects of the same plant. Salvinia by Stephanie Lyon.


Had no idea what this stuff was. Algunas fuentes incluyen a Azolla en Salviniaceae, aunque suele ser colocado en su propia familia: Near Kemmerer, Lincoln Salvuniaceae. The limestone is interbedded with many thin layers of volcanic ash and mudstone.

Son utilizadas como planta ornamental. Floating water fern, kleine vlotvaren.

Open Multilingual Wordnet

Salvinia minima by Layla Dishman. Salviniaceae or formerly Salviniace is a family of heterosporous ferns in the order Salviniales. More often than not, they’d grace the lakes and ponds where it is less likely for water to swirl and drift them away. Es habitualmente usada en acuarios como una planta decorativa flotante.

And so too a family that will most likely come together after the passing of each crisis.

Familia salviniaceae pdf

The description of the hairs from Flora of Australia Online salviniwceae surface with elongate papillae; each papilla with 4 stiff, green hairs, incurved and connate at the tips”. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository.

These floating plants lived during Eocene time, about 50 million years ago. The Salviniaceae contain the two genera Azolla ssalviniaceae Salvinia, with a total of ca 20 known species.

Aquatic weed; potential for improvement of effluent treatment ponds. Las salviniceas o helechos flotantes, nombre cientfico Salviniaceae son helechos acuticos con dos representantes bien definidos: Las hojas sumergidas tienen soros. To me this proverb salvinaceae so beautiful; hardly anything close to it in English language.


Fossil Butte National Monument. I grew this plant in my fish pool in Pennsylvania for a number of years. Azolla fausse filicule – Red water fern by Laurent Echiniscus. Como todos los helechos, Azolla produce esporas.

Species of Salviniaceae; Salvinia natans; Hidden categories: My dear friend, Wendy has corrected my error about this salvimiaceae. Search Search familia salviniaceae pdf Media in category Salviniaceae This category contains only the following file.


Son intolerantes al famipia muy salada. Azolla forms a symbiotic relationship with a nitrogen-fixing cyanobacterium, Anabaena azollae. Since that lets it obtain all the nitrogen it needs, the only limitation on its growth is phosphorus. Salvinia es un conocido invasor de diques y aguas estancadas, Azolla es cultivado en los campos de arroz debido a su asociacin con una bacteria fijadora de nitrgeno.