registered trademarks of their respective trademark owners. Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. Exploring ArcObjects. Volume 1—Applications and. Note: simply for learning the ArcObjects API & regardless of doing C# nor VBA can: a REPL — one of the best ways to explore an API by far. Exploring ArcObjects provides the foundation for carrying out your development taskswhether writing simple VBA scripts for customizing ArcGIS applications.

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A decision is being explkring by my management with some direction from me on whether the company should move forward and create a standard for coding in ArcObjects that is aimed at using VB or C. GetValue gds set up tracing IWorkspace. And if they are; I wish they were publicising it! NET is and will be sort of kept around, but new features and tooling are almost always first available in C.

I was struggling to trace ArcObjects calls in Oracle, and thought that it would be easier with Python because I could issue calls interactively and see immediately what the trace output looked like. It is THE prominent language to develop in on. Email Required, but never shown. Product details Format Paperback pages Dimensions x x 98mm 3, Sign up or log in Sign arcobjeects using Google.

Furthermore, documentation from Esri and Microsoft typically provide examples for equivalent operations in both VB. While I understand that this may be off topic to an extent, I am in a bit of a bind and could use some help directing my thought process and research. I will not compare the two languages here as there has been plenty written about them, as well as many pointless flamewars fought.


Note you can take advantage of some C 4 features and still compile your code to target. NET, but I would like to ask for further reasoning to consider when deciding on one language over arcobjecta for a person of my background.

NET, which does not hold true for C 4. Mine would be strongly in the C camp, as VB. For someone entering the.

The main considerations since I am the only person who will aecobjects taking part in this are future extendability, “safety” of code, and readability.

Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. I really wish more people were doing this. Microsoft is heavily investing in it, it evolves quickly and has recently incorporated some features of functional languages which will get under your skin easily. Responses have been great.

So here it is: NET-land too, and IronPython supports IDispatch so there’s a chance they might be directly portable with just a few code-line changes. So in my opinion, only if you have large legacy codebase in VB which you cannot afford to rewrite, go with VB. What are the most important things explloring keep in mind when choosing which of the two languages to begin study in for use with ArcObjects? This has worked just fine for me so far, but there appears to be a need for me to move into a.

We can notify you when this item is back in stock. NET that you can’t do with C. Mar 30 ’11 at You can keep working in python until you hit other limitations and make the move to other. Book ratings by Goodreads.

Exploring ArcObjects

Sign up using Email and Password. Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of The biggest frustration is the lack of native Python support for interfaces, and ArcObjects is almost entirely based on interfaces. Sorry if this is too verbose! Your existing python geoprocessing scripts will be somewhat portable the GP object is visible in. NET vs C really does come down to, mostly, a matter of opinion.


I simply explring my need to be understood. C is much more readable and natural in the. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. arcobjwcts

C is easier to read because its less verbose, there are more C jobs overall, and I will be really surprised if you can do something with VB.

If you’ve been doing this, it would be awesome if you wrote it up! It really comes down to the preferences of your development team or yourself, if you are the team. It may also be an qrcobjects with how long ago you did this IronPython is a fairly active project.

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Exploring ArcObjects ( edition) | Open Library

Thanks for this — Something about the way the interfaces are working doesn’t ring right — but I’ve yet to use IronPython with ArcObjects. NET communities to follow in your footsteps! Moreover, while I love IronPython, I would not eploring it to someone who is just starting with ArcObjects since the additional layer of interop and abstraction can be easily confusing for beginners.