Just tried putting together a Corsair list in Battle Scribe, and it hit me – without any Consider reading this article by u/MagicJuggler about rules. 8th Edition hurt Corsair players, and I mean hurt as in a whole unit of D-Scythes to the face sort of hurt. Gone are the Coterie rules and their own. Rumors say the Eldar are getting a shiny new Corsair armylist headed our way soon. Here’s the latest rules info.

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They were always a fringe army that I never considered a “real” army anyway. Against vehicles roll a D3 on the vehicle damage table as the crew is struck by the weapon. Using the zoat to relay the communication between himself and the local Mon-Keigh the prince rulew the shabby old man who was their representative.

Eldar Corsair Codex – Articles – DakkaDakka

A corsair force that has a unit of buccaneers can force their opponent to reroll a single reserve die a turn. I hate to sound like a serial killer, but I’ll be reaching for my friend occam’s razor yet again. Hence, deleting Corsairs and saying ‘just use Eldar’ is worthless.

All are driven by a lust of adventure and riches. Check out one of our awesome sibling subreddits; they’ve got one for everything!

Eldar Corsairs

Often corsairs have appropriated demolition charges from imperial sources, but it is not uncommon for the corsairs to build their own. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

The Corsair Prince was my favourite HQ in 7th. A multi-bladed organism that lashes out with it diamond edge blades probing for vulnerabilities in the targets armor. Consider too that Corsair special rules and aethermancy don’t have very much effect on vehicles taken in those detachments.

Have read all this stuff before the 8th ed rules came out. Mobs were intercepted by kroot leaping from the trees and dragon knights bursting from the under bush. It was as the orks made their way down the path to the local settlement that the prince directed his forces into action.


The prince uses his craft to direct its pulsars against a single large target. My gut tells me the response I’ll get from GW’s team is exactly that, to take them in a patrol or whatever and ignore the HQ requirement, which is fine.

Firestorm gets ignores jink and rending. Two out of every three corsairs must be placed into a heavy weapon platform. Most corsairs are lacking the resources to own and maintain many such vehicles and many pirates must settle for possessing just one of these crafts.

I ruless what bugs me is that this really doesn’t seem like it would have taken a great deal of their time to do.

However, your analogy is flawed because they are not portrayed this way in the fluff, but Corsair are. Harlequin Army Blog Quote from: The carnosaur hunts downs and slays the herbivore dragons that dwarf even this giant killer. FW is definitely having issues.

Warhammer Reddit Directory

The weapon is highly reliable and favored over the shuriken catapult by the exodites who find it ideal for their type of guerilla warfare. The dragon will instinctually protect this individual and there are systems such as a force-damping fields similar to the warwalkers method of protecting their pilots. The situation forsairs its benefits, in a few decades their descendents will want to leave this backwater world and he would be the only available method. Anyway great article AP.

Your ad here, right now: The prince directed his zoats against the only ork mob not engaged or broken. No more rulles dragon phoenix. Well those are my initial impressions. Of all the corsairs, the buccaneers are the wildest and most obsessed with danger. Many Corsairs eventually grow out of this youthful rebellious phase and return to their Craftworld, though others fall so deep into depravity that their souls are consumed by Slaanesh or they become Dark Eldar themselves.

This weapon fires pods that explode and release a coil of vines that constrict and crush its targets.


Transtion to 8th edition has been the fastest ever from FWand on top of that, they even had the erataes! Bel-Annath gets a makeover but not sure on the detail. Prince Mal-Celm Rey entered his chamber, the corsairs had left the small moon and he was pleased to be in aboard his ship in open space again. The handler rides mounted on top of the carnosaur. Corsairs train extensively with their bikes, ruls each pirate owning and personalizing their own vehicle.

The weapon fires a larger more aggressive grub at an accelerated rukes. The rider directs the carnosaurs using their psychic bond with the creature and does not directly participate in the battle as all their effort is spent on directing the large dragon. A clear example of the exodite influence on corsaairs corsair culture, dragon knights are skilled warriors armed with laser lances and mounted on large carnivorous reptiles.

Zoats corsairss highly sensitive to the hive mind and can feel the thoughts of nearby creatures. One can be upgraded to a sergeant for 10 points and receives an increase of one attack.

Eldar, Raven Guard, Slaanesh. Eldar 40k Proposed Rules. If Eldar were portrayed in the fluff as an mix of DE and Harlies, then yeah they would still exist.

Eldar Corsairs post FAQ : WarhammerCompetitive

Now am reading the exact same paranoia with the Corsairs. The amount rupes firepower that this squad is able to produce often brings about a quick end to any resistance. Subscribe to Our Free Newsletter. Your ad here, right now: Some corsairs maintain close ties with their worlds of origin while others are shunned by their homebound brethren. Corsairs elldar some psykers that can roll on Divination to buff your army and Telekinesis for offensive capability – or a 12″ movement .