El Malogrado – Thomas Bernhard. Cargado por Diego . Thomas L. Friedman. The Hard Thing About Hard Things: Not Ourselves: A Novel. Matthew Thomas. The Loser is a novel by Thomas Bernhard, originally published in German in Contents. 1 Plot introduction; 2 Plot summary; 3 Allusions to actual events. Thomas Bernhard was one of the most original writers of the twentieth century. .. Este es el leitmotiv del libro, o uno de ellos, y recuerda mucho al conflicto.

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Un musicista geniale, Tnomas Gould. It is a question of a shipwrecked in this amazing novel by Thomas Bernhard where a narrator monologue on nearly pages?

Or well, a long internal monologue that rambles on and on without any pauses. In Losers that ideal is music.

Or seen somewhere they wanted to belong.

What would they have done if they had never met Glenn Malogtado It started to feel like reliving an embarrassing moment and pretending you can laugh about it now because you malograxo like you should be able to laugh about it by now.

I “discovered” this Austrian musician while in Germany last year. Um, no one ever, uh, played him any Glenn Gould recordings? Retrieved from ” https: How dare they subject one to life and death!

The have to be a Loser, Philosopher or Genius. The unnamed narrator of the novel, another failure who has languished in Gould’s long shadow, also turns his back on piano playing resolutely, and yet with some measure of seeming equanimity.

A obsessividade do narrador traduz-se num discurso repetitivo e circular que, por vezes, me agastou um pouco e me impediu de apreciar mais a obra. Now, had I read about this last year, I could have seen the play in London. View all 10 comments. Que sucede cuando tienes la fortuna de encontrarte a un genio?

But rather Why is it going on and why am I reading this and why oh why Bernhard wrote something of this sorts?


El malogrado – Thomas Bernhard • BookLikes (ISBN)

The very special repeating of passages only helps to understanding. Bernhard was a man of contradictions, and his works– The Loserfor instance—are full of contradictions too. A real mountainbrook of thoughts. At one point I was reading this at the bar in a diner at, like, a little bernharv midnight and this foreign-sounding guy came up to me and said “You’re reading that?

El Zar recibe como regalo una manada de alces. He makes it very clear that Wertheimer owed his death to Gould, and berhnard it was practically predetermined when Gould dubbed him The Loser.

Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. The narrator finds himself alone on the beach, abandoned by Wertheimer the own suicidal and Glenn Gould nothing less! Come al solito Bernhard affonda il coltello senza timore di esagerare. Wertheimer, the narrator, and Gould have thomass studied together with Vlad Horowitz, and although Wertheimer is considered an amazing piano player not pianist at the Mozarteum, he hears Gould play the Goldberg Variations, and thereafter refuses to touch a piano.

The Loser isn’t about not being the best in music or anything else.

El Malogrado – Thomas Bernhard – Google Books

It’s not ever being able to get over the feelings to avoid and you’re always barricaded and always lost. In the present case, Gould is meant to be doppelganger for Bernhard. But while the narrator attempts to shut out the past, to avoid it altogether, drifting vaguely through life, Wertheimer becomes a willing, ecstatic victim of the past. I wouldn’t have waited for Glenn Gould to assign me The Loser.

I don’t care about the what is the use when there’s Glenn Gould I can imagine being Glenn Gould and starting to wonder behind that barricade about not composing like Bach, if you stepped outside of the music when you really shouldn’t do that. But I could not refuse this Bernhard recommended so eagerly by my class mate and friend Viljo.

Eh no, lo stile conta, altrimenti il contenuto va a farsi benedire. I take my hat of to him, he makes me laugh and malkgrado at the same time!.


And the art is in the listening. This book should be hidden inside the dust jackets of all the self help books out there. I read somewhere that the three characters can be analyzed as an Ego narratorId Wertheimer and Superego Glennwhich is such an interesting approach, that I will have on mind when I come back to this novel and I would like to analyze them in detail, there is so much material to be contemplated upon in this pages long novel and I might write a longer review in the future.

On this tangential thought, I rejoiced and braced myself for a ride of a lifetime. In his bitter obsession, he gradually advances on a path malograso self-destruction.

When the foundation has been proven rotten, decayed, inadequate, the entire structure in its turn gives way. Your guess here is as good as mine.

Thomas Bernhard was an Austrian author, who ranges among the most distinguished German speaking writers of the second h “everything is ridiculous if one thinks of death. All our lives we yearn to be with these people and want to reach out berhard them and when we realize what we feel for them are rejected by them and indeed in the most brutal fashion.

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Did Thomas Bernhard ever get to say a good word about anyone? The third student, who is also our unnamed narrator, is in the same lustrous league as Wertheimer and at the same subjacent stand to Glenn.

But perhaps the most enduring scandal will turn out to be his very last text, his will: Thanks for telling us about the problem. Thomas Bernhard was one of the most original writers of the twentieth century. Or desperately wanted to be one? Library and Archives Canada.