(a) DW/ Specification for sheet metal ductwork (low-medium- and high pressure) .. Air leakage of the assembled unit shall be to HVCA Standard DW/ Duct Work Construction to DW/ DW/ is recognised throughout the UK as the Standard Specification for ductwork manufacture and installation. “It will be. DW/ Specification for. Sheet Metal Ductwork. Low, medium and high has gained national and international recognition as the industry standard.

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My Orders Details of your purchase history Read More. Technical Bulletins Stay compliant with expert technical guidance on a range of industry topics Read More. It is becoming common practice for the types of structural fixings to be specified by the main contractor on a project by project basis. As standsrd general rule, Stainless Steel should be kept free from iron dust and debris contamination. See Appendix G for more detailed guidance on the storage and protection of components.

This Note recognizes two main aspects of cleaning access: The drop rod should be tested inside the furnace and subject to the maximum weight that the drop rod would have to bear in practice.

To create this path there must be ducts and the smoke extract path must remain uninterrupted. Method 1 Where the risk of damage due to condensation is slight, the vapour seal can be applied to the insulated duct and made good around the supports to achieve an acceptable level of proofing as shown in Figs.

Fire dampers must have an ES classification for stanard protection of escape routes. During application and any curing, consideration should be given to ambient temperature and humidity requirements.



The extent of any vapour sealing of ductwork thermal insulation and the method to be used, must be clearly specified in advance by the system designer. We firmly believe that this process has resulted in a publication that clearly demonstrates the high level of professionalism which exists within the ductwork community — and we take this opportunity of thanking all those who have contributed to its production.

The blades shall close the airway by means of a spring sthe spring element being incorporated within the damper or actuator mechanism.

The Health and Safety Commission HSC recommends that boards appoint one of their numbers to be the health and safety director. Classification using data from fire resistance tests on products and elements used in building service installations: Closer spacing vw144 be required by reason of the limitations of the building structure or to achieve the necessary duct rigidity.

The level of leakage is similarly related to the air pressure in the duct system and whilst there is no precise formula for calculating the level of air standadd it is generally accepted that leakage will increase in proportion to pressure to the power of 0.

These standards for smoke control sttandard and dampers may become applicable within the life of this standard and then similar procedures should be followed as that which are followed for fire dampers above, but using the published standards for smoke control products. These are formed by the interaction of chlorine-based pool disinfection chemicals and organic compounds from bathers, notably sweat and urine.

Protective treatment on such marks are only stxndard if such occurrences breaks fully through the zinc coating to expose the bare steel substrate. It shall be standard practice to provide access panels for the inspection and servicing of plant and equipment as listed below.


Duct work construction to DW/144

This responsibility is not handed over at any point. For example, some large systems could well be classified for leakage limits as follows: Test results achieved for vertical ducts A and B are applicable to vertical ducts only.

Typical examples of wire rope arrangements are shown Figs to If the need arises ductwork stored in the factory should be stored in such a manner to prevent damage and be readily accessible for delivery in accordance with the installation programme. With specific requirements, to achieve a fine, clean cut surface finish with good corrosion resistance.

Each roof opening should only have one duct passing through – not multi-service. One, two and three sided ductwork is not yet covered by this test standard but this test standard is under development prEN Immersed components are not at all susceptible to SCC.

Table 23 Extract from BS. The extracts from BS. Sheet metal air ducts and fittings with circular cross-section.

Standard Ductwork DW

Accreditation is not mandatory. The test duct assembly is judged against three performance criteria. If required, in the event of a signal from a remote sensor the fire damper blades shall be released and close the airway.

This consideration should also include recognition of all appropriate risk assessments.

The information in this section is based largely on information kindly supplied by the following two associations: We need your help!