Cs Artificial Intelligence Two Marks – Download as .rtf), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read Cs computer graphiccs Question Bank With Answers. CS AI 2marksmarks, Artificial Intelligence Question Bank, AI Short CS 2marks, AI Unit wise short answers – CSE 6th Semester. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE 2 MARKS AND 16 MARKS ANNA UNIVERSITY CSE 7TH SEMESTER ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE 2 MARKS.

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Anna University of Technology – Chennai – 3rd Seme How to represent experience using learning techniques Dec 05 Explain with an example 16 8 Explain in detail a I n formation Retrieval 8 b I n formation Extraction 8 9 What is machine translation? What are semantic nets? What is the difference between the two quantifiers in intellitence logics?

List the characteristic features of a expert system. What is meant by decision network June 06 How to represent knowledge in an uncertain domain Date of Issue: What are the components of a Game software? Explain forward chaining and backward chaining in detail for a first order definite clauses. How learning is done on a complete data using statistical methods?


How to get the exact inference form Bayesian network 7. State the reasons when the hill climbing often gets stuck Define forward and backward chaining. Mention some of intellignce key applications of ES. What is least commitment What is least commitment strategy Where is the Menu?

What is its role? Discuss passive reinforcement learning May 10 Define Non monotonic reasoning.


Mention the frame manipulation primitives. What is propositional logic? Explain in detail with an example. What are the components of a first order logic?

What is clausal form? What are Bayesian networks? How Knowledge is represented?

What are categories and objects? What is heuristic search? List the fields that form the basis for AI. Define uncertainty june 07 2. Elaborate upon the ontology for situation calculus. What is conditional planning 7. Numerical Methods – Important Repeated University What are the two choices for activation function? What is a model based reasoning systems? Explain different agent types with their PEAS descriptions.

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CS – Artificial Intelligence 2Marks with Answer and 16Marks Questions

What is sub goal independence assumption What is closed world assumption Give Syntax and Semantics of a first order logic for a family domain.

Define Decision Theory 5. Newer Post Older Post Home.

What is a Knowledge Based System? Explain how a problem solving agent works?

Elaborate upon inductive logic programming. Compare different uninformed search strategies in terms of the four evaluation criteria. Anna University Department of Civil Engineering B. How will you over- come it? State the decision tree as a performance element. Define partial order planner June 07 2.