A cotillion is a Regency dance where you change partners, and Georgette Heyer’s Cotillion is a Regency Romance where everybody twirls and. Cotillion [Georgette Heyer, Phyllida Nash] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Sparkling — Independent on Sunday A literary bubble bath. Cotillion is not one of Georgette Heyer’s most well-known novels, nor is it one of the famous ones that get trotted out when trying to explain.

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The idea of a hero who is competent but underestimated, and cotiloion but selfless, is one that I fully endorse and would like to see in more romance novels in general. Initially it disappointed me.

Kitty is fun, but my real love in this book is Freddie, the male lead, who is so wonderful and real. Heyee so good after so many years: It’s mentioned a lot throughout the book actually.

Novels by Georgette Heyer. Any time Freddy — a favourite Heyer hero of mine — opens his mouth I am delighted. This blog is a personal blog written and edited by me. Catching the early hints that Freddy has much more depth than seemed at first possible made all the difference in my enjoyment of this book. The romantic hero is a foppish but steadily inoffensive guy, someone your parents love after the first 30 minutes though in those first 30 minutes they raise an eyebrow at his “voluminous driving-coat, embellished with several shoulder-capes”the heroine is naive but full of good sense, and all of this is backed up by a great cast of supporting characters and a hefty dose of scorn for Irish titles.

And being ready to take a bashing heye your girl, even when you know without a shadow of a doubt your gonna be beaten to pulp, makes a true hero. Head-spinningly fast at times. He totally surprised me! Heyerr course I always fenced slender figures like Freddy, but I’ll never recapture the magic again, that’s the bitterest pill, what I had read out of these stories is as lost to me as my dreams.


When their Great-uncle Matthew, the miserly Mr.

Hwyer to continental US heyfr Canadian addresses only. Like an audience at a concert that has been performed in other music halls, we are interested in how this new orchestration of a well-known arrangement will compare to the others.

I ctoillion think I’ve ever laughed at a character so much before! Surprised that’s how I feel? Whenever I feel low, I read Cotillion. Click on image to cktillion the story. Kitty, greatly upset by the absence of Jack and by the possibility of becoming destitute should she not accept one of the great-nephews, is further dismayed by the proposals she receives.

Cotillion – Finished, Spoilers Allowed Dec 25, Email required Address never made public. Naive country lad Kit Charing’s obstreperous and stingy guardian has made it clear that the boy will inherit nothing unless Kit marries one of her nieces: As his fianced bride, she has all the reason in the world to go to London and reaquaint herself with her “new family. So glad you approved! Unfortunately, Kitty during her secluded life pining, has set her heart on handsome and virile Jack Westruther, a confirmed rake.

Mari T 21 Cotil,ion at I dare say Freddy might not be a great hand at slaying dragons, but you may depend upon it none of those knight-errants would be able to rescue one from a social fix, and you must own, Meg, that one has not the smallest need of a man who can kill dragons!

Not bookish, but smart enough when he needed to be, and heysr at all like the romantic heroes of romantic novels. Freddy, though fond of Kitty, is not in love with her, and he is out of his depth when it comes to countering her will.

A nonsuch would have known he was going to win, and therefore his willingness would not be as brave. Which effectively made me hate, hate, hate Jack for the rest of the book! My dog-eared copy is still on the shelves — and regularly taken off it heyyer yet another delicious read.


But no one ever needed his help before, and Freddy ends up proving his worth in charming ways – always for Kitty. He does not, however, answer the summons to go to Arnside. View all comments.

Cotillion by Georgette Heyer

This novel also had wonderfully developed characters and great secondary characters and romances. Men’s hair styles at the turn of the 19th century. And when Kitty’s generous heart leads to all sorts of unintended troubles, there is only one man who can rescue her from more than one dreadful fix and pick up the pieces of her plotting.

Last but not least, Freddy Standenwho is on his way to Arnside, but has no idea of the trouble looming ahead of him. Every family has them, those people who can’t really disown but would rather not claim blood with. But Jack really is the most convincing conventional hero, the scoundrel that in all romances written today would up to the last chapter still be in the running, evil schemes be dammed – he has laughing eyes! The showing of his appeal does not have to be in front of her, and works all the better if admitted by men, just as her defense of him in his absence.

I grinned happily and laughed out loud many times. Dolph and Hannah 3. I think Heyer was–for once–being a realist.

Breathlessly whirling with Georgette Heyer’s Cotillion

The title of the book hints at plot developments that are not so obvious at first, for when dancing the Cotillion, partners must switch and change within the dance formations.

You will love all her books, but I think Cotillion must stand out as one of the best.

If I could, I would probably give this book 4.