burmester uelzenn – burmestter audio per ubrmester surround back burmestre phono ie paul burmester tst cd end burmester joockey club brumester preisliste. Burmester showed its C Concept—a huge aluminum-bodied loudspeaker with an MTM on the front panel and four side-mounted woofers. Dez. Size: 87 KB 19th Dec Grado | Size: KB 6th Dec Audia- Flight | Size: KB 28th Nov AVM | Size: 73 KB.

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However, when the volume went up, on Ms. The sound was beautiful.

Burmester » Audio Lounge

There’s also a straight-through connection designed to be used with the front channel outputs of a surround processor, allowing the to be integrated into a home cinema system, no shortage of balanced XLR line level inputs, andf even twin headphone outputs. The British loudspeaker company Living Voice has been bringing its ultra-expensive horn systems to Munich year in and year out, and its offerings have always sounded good.

Still, that plasma tweeter was terrific. Extremely open and boxless, it sounded seamless and alive on jazz quartet, in spite of the fact that it was using a DSP crossover and room correction. In other words, rather than sound rough when cold, the Burmesters are a little polite, if massively informative.

The internal layout is are logical and packed with enviably high quality components, and the preamp has some novel features, not least of which are a self-balancing phono stage, designed to handle any channel inequalities in phono cartridges, and a module slot, which provides a line input as standard but can accept a range of plug-ins to expand the flexibility. The is derived from the company statement preamp, which was launched all the way back in This was a good room.

For my fifth selection for Best Sounding room, I find myself in a bit of a quandary. Dark and rich in timbre with superb power range weight and color, sweet treble, and outstanding transient response, the Akiras sounded exceptionally beautiful, exciting, and high in resolution. However, when I returned on Day Three…what a difference!


Munich High End Loudspeakers $20k and Up | The Absolute Sound

Bass textures are rendered just as light a touch as subtle vocal inflections. Our sample was fitted with an on-board digital-to-analogue converter, but other options include an unbalanced line level input and moving-magnet or moving-coil phono stages.

Full-bodied, powerful, present, and surprisingly of a piece from top to bottom though not at the utterly seamless level of the Living Voiceit sounded wonderful preislisfe my ears. The speaker was gorgeous on a four-piece jazz ensemble recording, with excellent color and dynamics. An burjester of the RC7, which made my Top Five, the RC8 uses the same driver complement as the 7 but with a more elaborate crossover and enclosure.

The Living Voice Vox Palladium and Vox Elysiana more-than-a-million-dollar system including electronics and wiring, which only goes to prove, to quote Roy Gregory who reviewed these gorgeous thingsthat life is no fairer in high-end audio than it is anywhere else. Even a quick glance will tell you that — visually at least — the Burmesters are serious high-end audio bling. All four voices were reproduced with warm, rich, lifelike presence and very little sense of an enclosure because of the remarkably three-dimensional projection of the quartet in front of the speakers and this with a digital source.

What Hi-Fi?

They even have a decent sense of timing. If you got it, flaunt it. Driven by Vitus electronics and sourced by a Transrotor turntable, the RC7 MkII was absolutely superb on my Deano disc, producing the most fool-you realistic vocals of the show. Driven by Nagra electronics including one of its great reel-to-reel tape playerthe Alexias had superb balance, gorgeous tone color, preislixte deep and well-defined bass, and an overall realism that brought them burmezter close to a Best of Show award.


Given time, though, that character fades, leaving just exceptional transparency and smoothness. Burmester showed its C Concept —a huge aluminum-bodied loudspeaker with an MTM on the front burmseter and four side-mounted woofers.

Munich High End 2016: Loudspeakers $20k and Up

The sound was very dark, sweet, and civilized with less of the usual Burmesher discontinuity and sluggishness in the bass, though the low end still lagged a bit on a gypsy music cut and was a bit one-note. For Intricate, powerful sound terrific dynamics and volume exceptional build. Extremely lifelike on voice on Ms.

Driven by Voxativ electronics and Totaldac digital no analogthe Due sounded exceedingly lovely on guitar, voice, drumkit, and brumester. The speaker uses a new amplifier and midrange driver—both clearly improvements. Our Verdict An awesome price for an awesome bit of kit. The system never sounds rushed or stressed: On the Stokowski Rhapsodies LP there was way too much bite on the strings, producing an orchestral sound that was unforgivably bright.

It sounds good too, delivering far greater dynamics and detail than our Apple Macbook can manage. Such a sky-high price tag leads to massively high expectations when it comes to build, finish and performance.

This is a superb speaker from a company that richly deserves distribution in the U. Blumenhofer showed preisliate FS1 two-way horn-loaded loudspeaker with Air Tight electronics.

Still, overall balance was sweet and warm with good resolution.

Still, this was quite a realistic presentation in spite of the weirdish imaging. But this year the presentation was better than that.