Bundeskindergeldgesetz (BKGG). 2 () examined the United Kingdom’s Child Benefit program . (), where during the consid-. Bundeskindergeldgesetz (Federal Law on Allowances in respect of De- .. 6 Hamburgisches OVG, Beschluss vom , 3 Bs BKGG. Bundeskindergeldgesetz (Federal Law on Allowances in respect of Depen- In / two major legislative changes were made relating to the free.

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Georgia – – International agreement. Promote the development of multilateral relations in the political, commercial and economic, and cultural spheres established on the basis of mutual advantageousness and mutual trust most-favoured-nation treatment, capital investments, protection of the rights of national minorities etc.

Georgia – – Law, Act. Law of the Republic of Georgia on Martial Law. Regulates declaration of martial law. Martial law may be declared by Parliament or the Chairman of Parliament. In the latter case, the decision must subsequently be submitted to Parliament, and be approved by a two-thirds majority. Section 3 provides for public announcement of the decision. Section 5 specifies powers of military authorities under martial law.

These include the right to use all measures considered necessary to ensure public order; evacuation of citizens from dangerous regions; and mobilisation of citizens for carrying out defence activities. Also provides for introduction of a special regime of departure of citizens from the territory of the state and of entrance of non-nationals.

Section 7 establishes that, after declaration of martial law, citizens are obliged to carry identity documents when moving from one place to another. Law of the Republic of Georgia on Defence. Deals bundexkindergeldgesetz various aspects of military defense of the Republic of Georgia. Chapter I sets forth general principles.

Declares that military policy of Republic of Georgia is defensive, and that Georgia is a non-nuclear state. Georgia shall never be the first to start military operations against other nations and begin a bumdeskindergeldgesetz. Also establishes principle of neutrality. Chapter II regulates authority of different state bodies with regard to military defense of the country. Finally, Chapter III deals with armed forces, including organisational structure, obligation of citizens to perform military service, bkndeskindergeldgesetz mobilisation.

Deals with various questions related to the press and other mass media. Chapter I contains general provisions, including principle of freedom of press.

Chapter II regulates foundation of a mass media, registration and application for registration, denial of registration, suspension or termination of mass media acitvity, and some related matters. Chapter III provides for rights and obligations of citizens, mass media and journalists. These include rights of citizens to obtain information by means of mass media, and denial of information which humiliates a person’s or an organisation’s dignity.


Also regulates rights and duties of journalists. Germany – – Regulation, Decree, Ordinance. Germany – – Law, Act. Painting and varnisher craft Part bundeskindergeldgeestz. Roof Craft Part 3. Scaffolding craft Part 4.

Results list of Browse by country – NATLEX

Stonemason and stone sculptor crafts Part 5. Concrete production industry in North-west Germany Part 6. Industrial minerals industry, concrete block and brick industry in Bavaria Part 7. Baking craft Part 8. Bread and bakery industry Part 9. Gardening, landscaping and sports ground construction Part Agriculture and Forestry Part Final and general provisions.

The Act widens the range of occupational pensions provision on a voluntary basis, especially at medium-size enterprises and low-income businesses. Through collective bargaining pension agreement higher level of care and acceptance among employees might be achieved.

Act focuses on improving tax and social security conditions for company pension schemes, introduces “pure contribution commitments” and so-called “option systems”. Regulation on working time in Inland Waterway Transport. Act to combat child marriages. The Act protect underage persons from forced marriages: Amendment to the Civil Code: Amendment to the Introductory Law of the Civil Code: Amendment to the Civil Status Act: Amendment to the Asylum Act Article 5.

Amendment to the Residence Act Article 6.

EUR-Lex – CC – EN – EUR-Lex

Act to improve pension benefits for reduced earning capacity and to amend other Acts. The aim of the law is to better protect persons with a reduced ability to work, bundeskindergeldhesetz extending bunedskindergeldgesetz time of accrual for pensions incrementally to the completed 65th year of age. 20122 the long term, they are treated as if they had bundeskindergeldgesets three years longer than before.

Amendment to the Act on Old-age insurance for Farmer Article 3. Amendment to the Act on the Protection against Dismissal Article 5. Amendment to the Works Constitution Act Article 7. Amendment to the Regulation for the Pension Insurance’s contribution scheme Article 8. Act to secure employees rights in the meat industry. Act on the termination of pensions adjustment Pensions Adjustment Termination Act. From pensions will be calculated uniformly throughout Germany.

Pension value in the East region will be gradually adjusted to the pension value applicable in the West. The alignment will take place from 7 Julyin seven steps. Amendment to the Act on regulation of foreign pensions. Amendment to the Act on Old-age insurance for Farmers Article 8. Amendment to the Transitory Pensions Act Article bundeskindergeldgeestz. Amendment to the Regulation on data collection and transmission Article Act on Council of Europe Convention of 11th May on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence.

The Convention entries into power for the Federal German Republic. The Act provides official German version of the Council of Europe Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence. The above Convention entries into power. Gesetz zu dem Abkommen vom General provisions Part II.


EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

bundeskindergedgesetz Applicable legislation Part III. Various provisions -Chapter 1 Administrative and judicial assistance -Chapter 2 Implementation and interpretation of the Agreement Part V. Transitional and final provisions.

Regulation on determination of earnings in Agriculture and Forestry for the year Act promoting remuneration transparency between women and Men Transparency of Remuneration Act. Section 1 General provisions Section 2 Individual procedures to verify transparency Section 3 Operational procedures to verify and create transparency Section 4 Reporting obligations for employers Section 5 Evaluation, duties of Equal Opportunities Officer, transitional provisions.

Act on protection against harmful effects of exposure to ionising radiation Radiation Protection Act.

Act to regulate secondment deployed in civilian crisis prevention Secondment Act. Act on protection of mothers at work, education and studies Maternity Protection Act. Section 1 General provisions Section 2 Health protection -subsection 1 Occupational health protection -subsection 2 Operational health and safety -subsection 3 Medical health protection Section 3 Protection against dismissal Section 4 Benefits Section 5 Implementation of the Law Section 6 Fines and penal provisions Section 7 Final provisions.

Act to protect collective social insurance provisions in the construction sector Social Insurance Protection Act. Act on implementation of bundeskindfrgeldgesetz European Union residence regulations for labour migration. The bundeskinderegldgesetz of the Bundeslindergeldgesetz is to implement the EU Directives on the conditions of entry and residence of third-country nationals: Amendment to the Residence Act: Act on the activity of European intellectual property lawyers in Germany.

Act to improve the supply of therapeutic appliances and remedies. The objective of the Act is to bundeskindwrgeldgesetz pricing system of medical appliances more flexible, better care for chronic and difficult-to-heal wounds, when selecting product in tender offer price as well as quality is to be taken into consideration Article 1.

20112 to the Regulation on risk adjustment among the statutory health insurance funds Article 1e. Further amendment to the Regulation on risk adjustment among the statutory health insurance funds Article 1f. Amendment to the hospital care Act Article 1g.

Amendment to the Federal Pharmacy Regulation Article 1h. Amendment to the Emergency paramedic Act Article 1i. Amendment to the Insurance Contract Act Article 1j. Amendment to the Regulation on supervision of health bundeskindwrgeldgesetz Article 1k. Act to strengthen the fight against illegal work and clandestine Employment.

Amendment to the Act to Combat Clandestine Employment: Amendment to the Road Traffic Act: