Borderliners: A Novel [Peter Høeg] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. National Bestseller Strange things are happening at Biehl’s Academy. Peter Høeg is a bestselling Danish writer who achieved great of my all-time favourite books, Borderliners, and I returned to it recently to see if. Peter Hoeg’s fourth work of fiction, BORDERLINERS, is set at an elite private school near Copenhagen in the early ‘s where three social outsiders.

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I have to read it again.

Katarina and Peter have formed a friendship and the school have therefore separated them. The emotions are raw and sometimes I wanted to add a rescue hero in the story. It doesn’t come back until you start to say something. Style and Form What some people find frustrating about this book is what makes it particularly special to me. Seriously good, seriously terrifying, brilliantly written, just fantastic. It is on my list though…. Correction and add information 1 9 Dec 05, Sep 03, Camille McCarthy rated it it was amazing.

I wonder whether the intention of the ‘theory’ was to present an exemplar of how coherence itself is not to be trusted, since, although the narrator ‘knows his stuff’ and shown himself capable of some philosophical analysis, he concludes that in life all such theories are capable of cocurrence.

The staff who enjoy beating the children are moody and emotional unstable, and black-and-white thinking is definitely being advocated at this boarding school where the most vulnerable youngsters are being indoctrinated in cruelty, prejudice, conflict, control and other disorders of the dominant modern Danish culture which Hoeg is criticizing in this book.

One thing I really love about this novel is the relationship between the grown Peter and his small daughter. The Woman leaves him with The Child and he is terrified. But this would not have fitted in well with the other problems.


Because the other name for Mislit is Inspirlit — or Inspiring Literature. Sep 29, Debbie Zapata rated it really liked it Shelves: That wisdom can be applied borderilners borderlines of all kinds, and the ‘borderliners’ who straddle them.

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You are commenting using your Facebook account. If you’ve read Stieg Larsson’s condemnation of Sweden’s social policies, if you’ve read Mankell, or Nesbo, or just about any Scandinavian crime writer than you will be aware that the world is slowly opening its eyes as to these outright fallacies, as to this idealistic view we have towards Scandinavia.

But together, they find a common ground and she, perhaps, helps him most of all by just being a child, being pure feeling and reaction. He grabbed hold of the outer two on ;eter left hand, but did not get a chance to break them.

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I think I did have expectations based on what I’d read “about” the book that caused me to be looking for things that weren’t there. I have added it to my list and will get my hands on a copy as soon as possible. That the world is made up of disconnected consciousnesses, each isolated within the illusion heog by its own senses, floating in a featureless vacuum.

Moira — surely that is a compliment! The novel is about the tyranny of time, and peeter some aphoristic points to make, as would any writer dealing with time as content. The style is complex and a little confusing, with the narrator using ‘I’, ‘you’, and ‘one’ interchangeably but always meaning ‘I’.

Borderliners – Wikipedia

Reading his works of claustrophobic anxiety is like waking to find oneself in the hut of Woman of the Dunes or the prison of flesh of The Unnameable, Kobo Abe and Samuel Beckett being his nearest peers. Although I found it to be uplifting in the end, many of my fellow book club members found it to be too sad and depressing throughout.


Nothing is real anyway. The school wants to take all the children, including the troubled ones, and bring them up and into the light, so to speak, by enforcing a very strict discipline. The things that did happen, are instead the petre that take place borserliners the fictive school.


You are commenting using your WordPress. Lisa June 17, He is a child without a place, without explanation. During my second read, since I knew what to expect or what not to expect and I was no longer confused, the many positive points of this novel came through. In the s my impression of Denmark was that it was free. He has a really unusual view of the world, but accessible and I found myself agreeing with a lot horg his points.

Borderliners by Peter Høeg | Vulpes Libris

There are surprises, both exciting and sad, that arrive in the book’s climactic chapters. Hoef do I remember about the s? I expect that, like many great works of art, each succeeding experience will reveal new depths.

Verwacht je niet aan wat er heg de achterflap omschreven staat, het boek gaat dan wel over probleemjongeren die opgenomen worden in het normaal onderwijs, je komt er vrij weinig over te weten. In a concentration camp people are locked away and for the most part forgotten about.