Author: Cipriano De Valera e-Sword Version: 9.x – x. Tab Name: ValeraP. Suggest New Tag:: Spanish,Español,Santa Biblia,Biblia. The Spanish Santa Biblia, Valera Purificada was an over fourteen year project, Salonica, MS 87, MS , as well as the editions of Reina and Valera. The Purified Spanish Bible is the work of a FUNDAMENTAL, READINGS, which honored and remained true to the old Reina-Valera Castellan Spanish. Today it’s entitled the Purificada (or Purified), or just the P for short.

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Donate, Carlos – Por A But whatever you want to call it, it fixed all the doctrinal errors in the Spanish Bible, and reads entirely with the correct texts, from which our blessed King James is based! The first edition Avlera Testament of the Purified or P for short was first printed inand their second edition in 20 02 exactly years after the original Because of this, very few Valera Purified’s have been printed only about 70, copies at the most to dateand are hard to find.

Valera Purificada – Bible Support

Many have joined in not even mentioning the Valera Purified version, fearing doing rina will harm their cause and make them lose support from American Pastors for using a version they know is not perfect Like the,and the Modern Gomez. By Module Robot Jun 27 Grace Bible Baptist Church. Works of Richard Sibbes 1. Other Modules By Same Author.


You know I like the old spanish bible because bbilia the only one that I know to use the word “anima viviente” living soul in genesis. Under the leadership of Pastor Raul Reyes, the church painstakingly worked over 15 years amidst much persecution and ridicule from other Independent Baptists, many 1062 which used the corrupt in purifying the original Spanish Bible, bringing it more in line with the Textus Receptus and Hebrew Masoretic Text and the King James Bible.

Your donation pays only for dedicated server hosting, bandwidth, software licenses, and capital equipment scanners, Puricicada equipment, etc. Escorial; Constantinople – Salonica; Ms 87; Ms Just some of the many Bibles they compared verse by verse were: Other files you may be interested in. They learned Hebrew and Greek and carefully went verse by verse time and again with much prayer and fasting.

Valera purificada

Just some of the many Bibles they used in their work include:. It is also the closest Reina-Valera Bible to the originalall others departing from the original countless times to follow either critical texts or modern versions which change many words with synonyms not found in the original Spanish Bible.

Sadly, with all the political groups within the Independent Baptist movement many are busy pushing their versions of the Bible, and are too proud to set their corrupt versions aside and use a purer version of the Bible like the Valera Purified.

For information about how to obtain a hardback copy of the Purified Spanish Bible, please email me at: What’s needed is more American Pastors, and even Hispanics as well who are willing to donate to the cause of getting this pure Spanish Bible out to the Masses.


It also follow the true old Spanish flavor as is not modern street Spanish like theand newer versions. It not only is true Castilian Spanish, but it valerq also the only Spanish Bible available today that reads geina the old Protestant Versions in using “Palabra” in speaking of Jesus Christ instead of the Catholic word “Verbo.

The Alameida Portugese Trinitarian revision. English Jubilee B Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers. The King James in English.

The King James in English. Their first edition New Testament was first printed inand their second edition in 20 02 exactly years after the original Today it’s entitled the Valera Purificada or Purifiedor just the P for short.

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The Purified far exceeds the,and Gomez Bibles currently being used by Independent Baptist Missionaries. Several functions may not work.

What’s needed is more American Pastors, and faithful Bible-Believing Hispanics who want the pure word of God in their own language to get out more information about this version. Greek Textus Receptus of Beza.

They only had it on the table to look at. Cipriano Puridicada Valera e-Sword Version: