the epic, “Darangen”3 which is considered not only the truest Filipino epic but also longer than the Iliad and Odyssey combined. Bantugan, hero of Darangen. Write a brief summary of a Filipino epic, other than Aliguyon. 2. by Antonia F. Villanueva Bantugan slew so many thousands of enemy warriors that, having just . Philippine epic poetry is the body of epic poetry in Philippine literature. Filipino epic poetry is Primary examples of epics in the first group are Lam-Ang, the Ulalim, Labaw Donggon, Bantugan, Lumalindaw, and Kudaman. Some of these epics.

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He issued a proclamation that no one should speak to Prince Bantugan. The fish manages to break free of its locket and drops into the water where it starts swimming. Among the Ifugaos, the hudhud may sung during daytime as a harvest song.

Encouraged by this sight he went on, but though it seemed but a short distance, it was some time before he at last stood at the gate of the town. Nawala na ang inggit sa puso ni Haring Madali. Pagkatapos ng labanan ay dinalaw ni Bantugan ang palibot ng Kaharian ng Bumbaran at pinakasalang lahat ang kanyang mga katipan at sila ay dinala sa kanyang kaharian.

He therefore treated the body of the young man as he would a royal person. The people shouted with joy. The Subanon hero, Sandayo, is described as:. When the wife of Bantugan saw that her husband was no more and that his warship had been destroyed, she gathered together the remaining warriors and set forth herself to avenge him.


Just before the Prince is about to be captured, the merchant and the Prince’s loyal manservants arrive with Bidasari on a stretcher.

Prince Bantugan was very weary from his travels. He destroyed the Sultan, his city, and all its people. When Bolak Sonday dies, Mendepesa is sento to look for her soul.

Philippine epic poetry

From Taga,og, the free encyclopedia. Yet, it has been distinguished as Filipino Muslim Literature so as to differentiate it from other Muslim countries that have different cultures from us. Philippine literature Philippine folk literature Philippine epic poetry Cebuano literature Kapampangan literature Hiligaynon literature Ibanag literature Ifugao literature Ilokano literature Mindanao literature Pangasinan literature Tagalog literature Tagbanwa mythology Waray literature.

Suddenly they noticed that the parrot from the kingdom of Bumbaran was silent and sad. He knew that his brother hated him, so he decided to left the kingdom of Bumbaran. Ang hari rito at ang kapatid niyang si Prinsesa Datimbang ay naguluhan.

Philippine epic poetry – Wikipedia

It was written in English. The Prince decides to bantjgan Bidasari’s tomb to see her beauty with his own eyes. In the nick of time, Bantugan’s soul was recovered and he saved the village. Epics are generally sung during folk festal and recreational gatherings such as weddings, baptisms, wakes, prestige rites, peace agreements, and the like. Later Prince Bantugan married the beautiful Princess Datimbang. On a quiet day high up on the mountain side one can hear the chanting and singing of the waiting-girls of the wife of Bantugan.


Stories about folk heroes of long ago were described as “Old Time History” because; they can be used to study the lifestyle and beliefs of the people who produced them.

Today, there are twenty-one epics that survived from Visayas and Bantugqn. Nang matagpuan siya ni Prinsipe Datimbang at ng kapatid nitong hari, sila ay nagulumihanan sapagkat hindi nila kilala si Bantugan. The old king looked tagaoog with him.

Then the Sultan said to the General:. Epics in most Muslim cultural communities are yet to be found, collected, identified, and consequently documented.

But bantguan Sultan begged him and promised that Bantugan might marry his daughter with no other gifts at all save the statue of gold. Her body is returned to him and he builds a small tomb for her in the woods where her body is laid out in peace.

Philippine Folk Tales: Moro: The Story of Bantugan

Upon his return he finds out that his brother and king of Bumbaran, Agaanon Dalinan, driven by his jealousy over the prince warrior’s fame, has ordered out a proclamation which forbids all the people of Bumbaran from speaking to him. It was a splendid place with ten harbors.

He did know what to do. What is the epic bantugan?