APLUS Integrated Circuits AP datasheet, (AP89xxx) Voice OTP IC (1-page ), AP datasheet, AP pdf, AP datasheet pdf, AP Details, datasheet, quote on part number: aIVR aP · aIVR Tandard CMOS Process. CM Specifications: Output Voltage: to . Details, datasheet, quote on part number: AP aP · aIVR Tandard CMOS Process. CM Specifications: Output Voltage: to volts.

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User selectable triggering and output datasheeet options provide maximum flexibility to various applications. You can order as individual board or as a set which includes a battery holder and 32mm speaker. Fun with sound module Writers Q – Where can I find the serial number or customer number for the writer?

The serial number is provided as the Customer Number on the CD that comes along with the writer. Q – The writer does not start when the USB is plugged in.

What is the issue? Use the following steps to check the connection: Remove all the USB connections other than the mouse and the writer. Close all the running applications Like Internet, Outlook, Antivirus, and other software datasheet running in the background. Make sure you are running on Windows XP. Other OS has not been daatsheet. Q – What are the facts I need to know about the writers?

Some key points about the writer are as follows: Do not use USB and external power supply together. It will permanently damage the writer. If writer gives error that USB not detected, then probably it is not receiving adequate power. After programming and verifying the chip’s contents, do another blank check to verify the chip is not ap8085, hence data has been written to the chip.


Q – I have upgraded to Windows 7 and now the writer does not work?


Use the following steps to configure the software. Select the exe file, right mouse click to select Properties.

Select the Compatibility tab. Then select the Run the program in compatibilty mode checkbox. Select Windows XP from the pull down list. Click Apply button and then OK. Q – I want some features to play back the IC, but I datxsheet find the options in the software.

Is there another datashet to program the chip? You can provide us your requirements and we can program and compile the. DMP file for you. Then you can load to the software and program directly to the IC. Programming fee might apply depending on your requirements. Q – I am using the writer to program the SOP. How do I connect? Contact us to purchase the item.

How do I know where to put the jumper on this programming adapter datashset the SOP parts? Place the jumper next to the label of the IC you are using.

Q – I can hear a pop sound when I replay the programmed IC. How do I remove it? You can open the file on any sound editing software and check for any extra sound peak points. Remove or modify any unwanted sound and generate a new DAT file. Q – I want to record a 40sec sound file to your 42 seconds chip, but I got an error. The duration of sound that can be stored depends upon the sampling frequency and the compression technique used.

However the sound quality might not be as good as the original sound. Data file Q – What are the compression techniques used?


We use the 8-bit PCM better sound quality but datashret more memory spaceor the 4-bit ADPCM compression techniques lower sound quality but can program longer duration as it has more memory space. The PWM output is the regular voice output.


The DAC output is a slightly amplified output has an amplifying transistor in addition. You must use the same output mode to play the sound on the demoboard or your board as to what was used while programming.

Triggers Q – I want my message to loop over and over again. How can I make that happen? On the main window of the Writer program, select the re-trigger option.

This will make the message to loop.

(PDF) AP89085 Datasheet download

Q – I want to use the same key play all the messages in sequence every time the key is pressed. How I can implement that? On the main window dataheet the Writer program, select sequential key access mode.

Then add all the sound files to one single key group. It will play all the sound files sequentially.

This demoboard was designed for DIP chip only. Therefore, to make the sound files to play consistently, connect a capacitor 0. Q – I want to have a motion detector circuit, but not a PIR. You can try a circuit using an IR obstacle detector.

What requirement or concern I should pay attention to? PIR can be used to trigger the voice IC. If your PIR module supports 5v, then you can use 5V voice chips.

The PIR module we provide is from 3.