The Foundation Pit (New York Review Books Classics) [Andrey Platonov, Robert Chandler, Elizabeth Chandler, Olga Meerson] on *FREE*. The Foundation Pit portrays a group of workmen and local bureaucrats engaged in digging the foundation pit for what is to become a grand ‘general’ building. Written at the height of Stalin’s first “five-year plan” for the industrialization of Soviet Russia and the parallel campaign to collectivize Soviet agriculture, Andrei .

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The Foundation PitAndrey Platonov trans.

Let at least some worth be retained from a person. Satire on early soviet era communism. Die Grammatik ist stets etwas daneben. No observed detail passes lightly.

Yet apparently he did—and failed. Safronov and Kozlov begin to fight. Chiklin walks through an old tile factory and finds Julia, the boss’s daughter whom Prushevsky — and he, too, it is realized — kissed so many years earlier. Voschev returns to the worksite with all of the collectivize property, including its previous owners.

I haven’t compared it to Ginsburg, but I’ve read a number of novels translated from Russian and …more I just finished reading the Chandler translation. An officer gestures to proletarian empowerment while his concerns are strictly bourgeois: I’ve heard that one is preferred by some readers, but I’m not sure which one, or why.

The Foundation Pit by Andrey Platonov | Quarterly Conversation

But now that Stalins become,Ive become too! And then you will find that one of the characters is actually a bear. If you can read this and not recoil, sigh or somehow otherwise physically react – you are amdrei creature I’ll never understand. Born in Vorenzh, miles south of Moscow, inAndrey Platonov came of age during the chaotic years of the Russian Revolution.


Reduced to units, elements, and matter – life for Platonov is constantly in question. He leaves the factory in search of new work. The enormous foundation pit sucks out all of their physical and andri energy.

The Foundation Pit

They attempt to dig out a huge foundatjon pit on the base of which a gigantic house will be built for the country’s proletarians. The Foundation Pit is the most extreme of possibilities, but all the same a very dark and intriguing one. Not all are as fortunate as Voshchev: To be completely honest, I had to force myself to read it at times, which is a rare occurrence for me. Voschev, who followed the peasant claiming ownership of the empty coffins, returns to the worksite to announce that Kozlov and Safronov are dead.

Chiklin and Voschev find an old man laying on the ground. foundtaion

Soviet writers at the time were expected to record and celebrate the achievements of industrialisation and collectivisation, and indeed, the drives to modernise agriculture were the subject of seve Set during the first Five-Year Planit deals with the attempts of a group of labourers to dig the foundation pit of a vast building that is to house the local proletariat, before moving on to describe the expropriation and expulsion of a group of rich peasants from a nearby collective farm. The tragic reality is so inherently and unself-consciously absurd that conscious absurdism is the only way to deal with it, but even then it can not be overcome directly and so must be confronted with a variety of tones and tactics bolstered by pure artistic instinct.


Throughout the slightly surreal narrative, this linguistic satire plays with revolutionary jargon to disrupt the heroic status of the workers. But the happiness of childhood friendship, the realization of the future world in the play of youth and in the worthiness of their own severe freedom signified on the childish faces important gladness, replacing for them beauty and domestic plumpnes We always believe that the bright future is just around the corner and we wait for it to come… …on the face of each young Pioneer girl there remained a trace of the difficulty, the feebleness of early life, meagerness of body and beauty of expression.

The men are struggling, down in the foundations, with the implications of the new regime, which is under construction and which therefore has turned the way of life, the way of thinking and all relationships upside down.

April Learn how and when to remove this template message. Not to dis hope or change for the better, just to keep in mind the dangers of idealism when it begins to sacrifice common sense. Voschev explains the bear feels that way because he has no purpose in life except to work.

The bear takes Nastya and Chiklin hunting for the kulaks whom were not liquidated.

Some books hit me so hard that it hurts in my chest. Zhachev responds, “I look at children for memory.