provide extensive information about AMEDDC&S Pam (). AMEDDC&S Pamphlet No TRAINING The Expert Field Medical Badge ( EFMB) Test THIS PUBLICATION IS FOR REVIEW PURPOSES. AMEDDC&S Pam EFMB Planning Active Army Unit Army Reserve and Deployed Material in (Not Deployed) National Guard Army Unit Appendix E.

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The candidate will not turn the pin light on.

If in doubt as to the severity of the injury, place the casualty in one of the other categories. Enter the casualty’s unit of amedvc&s and the country of whose armed forces he or she is a member.

Paint sticks cover these oils and provide blending ameddc&s the background. Select the high crawl when— 1 The route provides cover and concealment.

Correctly performed all applicable performance steps for each performance measure in sequence. Tie a full knot over the stick. Mark the landing site and identify the touchdown point. Completed all required performance measures within 10 minutes.

The candidates’ aid bags will contain the items on a packing list provided by the EFMB test board. Complete other blocks as time permits. Avoid sites over joints. Record the casualty’s blood pressure, pulse, and respirations in the space provided. Inform the evaluator of any malfunction of the rifle during amecdc&s function check. The TCO furnishes changes to tasks, conditions, and standards to the test board prior to training or testing.

Obtain the grid coordinates for the pickup site. The EFMB was established in June as a Department of the Army DA special skill amedsc&s for the recognition of exceptional competence and outstanding performance by field medical personnel. Pain in the chest or shoulder.


AMEDDC&S Pam 350-10 Training Expert Field Medical Badge (EFMB) Test

Submit your question and AskTOP! Ensure that the head harness is pulled far enough over so that the forehead straps are tight. LW – Lacerated wound.

The pupils should constrict promptly when exposed to amrddc&s light. This is the first printing of this publication. An IV bag container may be placed under the casualty’s body if there is no way to hang it. Date-time group of the attack specify local or Zulu time.


Complete steps 1 through 3 within 9 seconds. Secure the jacket to the trousers by snapping the three snaps across the back of the jacket to the trousers. If the injection is accidentally given in the hand, another small injector must be obtained and the injection given in the proper site. Continue to hold the trigger to the rear while pulling the charging handle to the rear and releasing the charging handle. If a tourniquet is applied, you paj write in the time and date it was applied.

Slide in bolt carrier group.

Q&a | – Leader Development for Army Professionals

Put your chin in the chin pocket and press the facepiece snugly against your face. Keep your body off of the ground. Commanders of the following types of units, in the grade of lieutenant colonel or above, are qualified to administer the EFMB test as a host unit: This pam also governs the qualifications for the EFMB and prescribes new, standardized, written, and specific performance tests.


Ensure that combat lanes are set up IAW paragraph 3 Establish a Helicopter Landing Point. In some cases, there are different figures provided for the same tasks.

Lock the bolt open. Correctly performed all performance amefdc&s for each performance measure within 4 minutes.


MW – Multiple wounds. When applying the constricting band, use soft-walled latex tubing about 18 inches in length. Document the appropriate comments by the date and time of observation. Clear, disassemble, and assemble the carbine so ammeddc&s it functions correctly within 4 minutes. Hold one end so that it is ameddc&ss than the other, and form a loop with the longer end.

Used the low crawl. Rest your weight on your forearms and lower legs.

Removing the Recoil Spring and Spring Guide. Candidates must be given the opportunity to appear before the board to present verbally, or in writing, their reasons for the rebuttal. When not in transit or actual use, test materials are stored amedec&s a locked room or container, accessible only to authorized individuals. Reassure the casualty to reduce anxiety.

Camouflage your prescribed equipment LCE with accessories, weapon, and rucksack. Pull trigger again and hold to rear.