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Remember me on this computer. Each generation requires its new myths of mass hope in order to tackle its contemporary problems.

Edin rated it it was amazing May 22, Preview — Totalitarismus by Alain de Benoist. In a fragmented age of differing values and political projects, rejection of the project of modernity will flower in thousands of regional and national communities worldwide.

Comunismo e nazismo. 25 riflessioni sul totalitarismo nel XX secolo (1917-1989)

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Those that dig deep and cojunismo for ND connections to CR thinkers or fas- cism just have ideological axes to grind.

Sinn und Grenze eines Begriffscoll. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Both FN and ND argue that restricting immigration will benefit immigrant and host societies alike since both will be able to main- tain homogeneous ethnic communities: This biological position is zlain downplayed in new ND publications, for obvious reasons related to the odious biological and racial anti – Semitism of Nazism and the Fascist and Vichy race laws.


De Benoist and Champetier attack the notion of universal laws or rights in a world of diverse cultures.

Le Monde, 13 July Damniel rated it liked it Jul 18, Oltre l’Occidentecoll. Nuno rated it it was amazing Sep 25, Alain de Benoist et Pierre Vial, La mort. Una respuesta al colonialismo culturalcoll.

Alain de Benoist, Kulturrevolution von rechts. Frank Vanhecke, Metapolitieke strategie, organisatie en ideen van kultureel Nieuw Rechts in Franrijk: Modernity will not be transcended by returning to the past, but by means of certain premodern values in a decisively postmodern dimension.

Ivan rated it liked it Jul 16, Seconda edizione ridevuta e ampliataMediterranee, Romap. De Santis, L’ideologia della Nouvelle Droite.

Bibliographie d’Alain de Benoist – Les Amis d’Alain de Benoist

The authors see hope in the new century as modernization is becoming increasingly disconnected from Westernization: Old rightists such as Charles Maurras — similarly attacked the French revolution- ary state born inwhich allegedly destroyed local, regional, and linguistic cultures in the process of constructing the French nation – state and republican- ism.

But benoixt ND has not abandoned benoisy, even if it says it has. Budrich, Opladenp. The right was the carrier of anti – modern values and associated with the political players that rejected the republican values of the French Revolution: Democracy did not first appear with the Revolutions of and Yet, the restrictive immigration calls in the mani- festo are similar to the FN.


Help Center Find new research papers in: Rassegna di stampa culturaleCamera dei deputati, Ufficio Stampa, Roma, avrilpp. Europeans were once masters of their political destinies and owners of colonies. Against Bodin, Hobbes, and the notion of the all – powerful Leviathan – like state, de Benoist and Champetier favor a federation of organic communities and multiple allegiances along Althusian lines.

Nazismo e comunismo – Alain de Benoist – Google Books

It can be argued that the entire European extreme right – wing political spec- trum from the Italian Lega Nord Northern League — LN to Vlaams Belang Flemish Interest in Belgium have been influenced by the politically correct lan- guage i. Dallo scontro cavalleresco allo sterminio di massacoll. Tout, sauf la droite!

Bibliographie seiner Schriften und KorrespondenzenAkademie, Berlinp. The economy cannot be calculated by quantifiable figures alone such as Gross Domestic Product, beniost it must be an economy in the true service of local peo- ple, regions, and communities rather than outsiders i. Peunova and Shekhovtsov point out how ND geopolitical ideas, interpreted by Aleksandr Dugin and political philosopher Aleksandr Panarin —have influenced the Russian New Right, and found the ear of key Russian political elites.