Akta Kontrak , Akta ;: Akta Kontrak (Pindaan) , Akta A ; Akta Kontrak Kerajaan , Akta semua pindaan hingga Julai. found: Akta Kontrak , Akta , t.p. (Akta Kontrak , Akta ) cit. title p. 1 (Akta Kontrak ). found: RLIN, Feb. 8, (Name-title hdg. Get this from a library! Akta kontrak (Akta ) & Akta Kontrak Kerajaan (Akta ): hingga 15hb Ogos [Malaysia.; International Law Book.

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There is nothing to show which of the two prices was to begiven.

B, after the letter is sent, but before he receives it, sells the goodsfor RM Discharge of surety by creditors act or omission impairingsuretys eventual remedy C is dead at the time of the promise.

Afterwards, and before A knowsof the transfer, C fails. B afterwards forbids him to do so. The communication of the proposal is complete when B receives theletter.

akta kontrak 1950 (act 136)

This is a sufficient consideration for Cs promise. C mustpay to A RM20, being the profit which A would ata made by theperformance of his contract with B. B, under threat ofprosecuting As son, obtains a bond from A for the amount of the forged note.

A is discharged from liability on the note. Right of principal when agent deals, on his own account, in business ofagency without principals consent D is not a sub-agent, but is advocate forA. A saysnothing to B about the horses unsoundness. He must pay toB, by kontra, of compensation, a sum equal to the difference between the contractprice and the price for which B could hire a similar ship for a year on and fromthe 1st 316 January.


B isready and willing to execute the work accordingly, but A prevents him fromdoing so. B, on looking over the estate before sellingit, finds a mine on the estate which is unknown to A.

akta kontrak (act )

B thereupon beats C, and has to pay damages to C forso doing. This is a contract. A and B are compelled to pay the whole sum. Effect of release of one joint promisor Right of person as to acts done for him without his authority.

In order to make an offer of a performance withthe effect stated in this section, A must bring the cotton to Bs warehouse, onthe appointed day, under such circumstances that B may have a reasonableopportunity of satisfying himself that the thing offered is cotton of the qualitycontracted for, and that there are bales. C accepts the bill.

The delivery of the goods operates as a part payment. Who may employ agent ExplanationA stipulation for increased interest from the date of defaultmay be a stipulation by way of penalty. This is a sufficientconsideration for Cs promise. In akra of these cases, such an agreement is a contract.

A contingent contract is a contract to do or not to dosomething, if some event, collateral to the contract, does or does nothappen. A may perform this promise, eitherby personally paying the money to B, or by causing it to be paid to B by another;and, if A dies before the time appointed for payment, his representatives mustperform the promise, or employ some proper person to do so. Amust make compensation to B for the cost of rebuilding the house, for the rentlost and for qkta compensation made to C.


Anything done, or any promise made, for the benefit of theprincipal debtor may be a aka consideration to the surety forgiving the guarantee.

Whatever is obtained by way of relief or compensation in anysuch suit shall, as between the bailor and the bailee, be dealt withaccording to their respective interests. In order to convert akya proposal into a promise the acceptancemust a be absolute and unqualified; b be expressed in some usual and reasonable manner, unlessthe proposal prescribes the manner in which it is to beaccepted. Co-sureties who are bound in different sums are liable to kontraj as far as the limits of their respective obligations permit.

Contracts 59Guarantee obtained by misrepresentation invalid On the sixth night Awilfully absents herself. Consequences of rescission of voidable contract No cover image available.

Apportionment of relief or compensation obtained by such suits Akta Kontrak Kerajaan When principal may revoke agents authority