What do i do when my forex platform disconnects

We are PCI Level 4, and audited every 3 months by www. Google translate is used for all non-english emails. 4xsolutions is not responsible for any errors or misunderstanding due to the use of this translation software. Our replicator works with any broker world wide who what do i do when my forex platform disconnects an MT4 account.

There is no software to download or install. You do not need to keep your home pc or you MT4 account running for trades to replicate. You will be able to set your own money management options in your client area to suit your trading needs. Depending upon a trader’s financial resources, it is vital to understand how to properly allocate trading capital. 5k should I put it all in one trading account? Would it be better to spread it across multiple accounts? The answer is simple if the trading is manual.

Assuming I am using proper risk management, one account is sufficient. Automated trading has its own set of challenges by its very nature. Trades can be open at almost any time and frequency depending upon the strategy used. Therefore, using multiple trading robots on the same account can bring about unintended consequences. These will be covered in more detail in future articles. One other limitation may be that the broker will only allow me to open a certain number of accounts. Always check with your broker in advance to see if there are limits.