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Play the Fantasy Share Trading Game. Please login or register to post a message on Share Chat. Welcome , I have held here for years . Just joined this share as it looks like a good entry point. Lets hope the new management can stay more focused. Also encouraging is the potential for a general election and new referendum which should add very nicely to the revenue stream. Just looked up Laurence Vaughan and seems he’s a fund manager and as a result sits on several boards as NED or Non-Exec Chairman.

Maybe they have recycled their capital, so he’s moved as well. IDOX website shows his personal holding was only 232,250 or a tiny 0. You’re right Oldone, it does seem negative that he is leaving with immediate effect, although he’s been with them since 2015, so he could have bailed a year ago when the share price tanked. To give no notice would normally mean a conflict of interest, a clash with the rest of the board or simply health reasons.

The share price hasn’t done much since it crashed last December. I remain hopeful that the company will report improved trading and the share price will begin to climb. Plenty it would seem my friend. I think someone like Capita would be interested in buying Idox. Very good fit with their public sector IT offering. Well, this company does know how to keep investors off balance: it is usually the new CEO that makes their mark by swinging the axe and then looking good as earnings recover.

This time around, it was the outgoing bloke who did the deed, even before the new bod entered the building. But the good news of the week is the new investor which has popped up with a 3. 4 per cent stake, Gran Fondo Capital. It bills itself as a value-based investor, which uses a bottom up, fundamental analysis «with a ten year horizon and a willingness to hold on . Not only that but it boasts a «high conviction contrarian view» while also being willing to «drive value creation via constructive activism when necessary».

So now we can sleep easy, eh? Does anyone know what is going on? Looks as if some one is stirring the pot. IDOX has successfully established itself as the supplier of software for UK local government systems. The recent «eye off the ball» problems has made the company much more affordable to one of the major software houses who would like to add the capabilities that IDOX has to their portfolios.

Previous CEO Riley said that the future had never looked better yet a year later the company got into a complete mess due in no small part to his ill health. What was the chairman doing at this time I ask myself and clearly not on top of the situation which appears to have only been addressed when the current CEO came back in. SP here, from what I can see — looking through past history and current RNS’s. A profitable company offering a «bonus» dividend ex date by month end what’s not to like for potential new investors at this price level? Agree with your sentiments , looks like a lot of infighting over revenue recognition and common sense has thankfully prevailed. Hopefully the board can get this together , they will certainly be a lot more clued up from here.