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I live in or near Cape Town You’ll fnb forex payment processing center to apply in person for the Italian Schengen Visa, if you live in or near Cape Town, from 1 December 2011 you’ll need to do your appointment via Copago, a visa handling agency. Make an appointment online first though for them to see you. The visa requirements are the Schengen Requirements, you can also check the Italian Consulate’s site for more info. Pretoria will have it’s own Copago office from 1 February 2012.

2 weeks before departure to be safe and a maximum of 3 months before. This company has said they will be opening an office in Durban from 1 January 2011. I live in the Eastern Cape or Northern Cape For applying for a Schengen visa in these provinces, you must use the Cape Town Consulate. Since you don’t live near Cape Town, you can fill out the form not to appear in person, mentioned in the Cape Town section. Check out our other Schengen visa articles too. Click here for the application form.

Remember the information on this site was correct at time of publishing, but the consulates reserve the right to change information at any moment and without notice, we recommend using a reputable visa agency to make an application and get up-to-date information. He has a temporary ID for long stay of Bulgaria. Do we need to go to the Embassy if Italy or Carpago to get an Italian visa for 4 days stay? Carpago doesn’t help over the phone. Says we must book on line.

Do you know how it work and how long is going to take. To my knowledge if your husband is travelling on a South African passport and does not have a valid Schengen visa he would need to apply for one. However as we do not specialize in this area I recommend you contact the Embassy direct for the most up to date information. This depends on which Embassy you will be applying through.

Each Embassy might have different requirments and procedures to follow along with cost. You need to apply at the Embassy of the country you will be staying the longest in. I am a Lesotho National, I have been invited to attend a conference in Rome by the ICMC. I have all the documents required for VISA.

But my question is this: I was in Brussels in 2016 and my Schengen Visa was issued on 14th September 2016. Do I have to come to Pretoria for another Schengen Visa or I can just send the passport with other supporting documents through Currier? However as we are not the ones granting the visa’s please contact the Embassy you will be applying through. They will be able to provide you with the most up to date information. I’m a student a Cput first year. I got a new passport with 2year south africa visa.

I’m afraid we do not specialise in visa related queries for foreign passport holders. Please contact the Embassy direct or official visa handling agency. They will be able to advise if a visa or transit visa is required and if so what the cost would be, correct procedures to follow and what documentation will be required. She will not be registered at the University yet when we apply for the visa, she only have a preliminary acceptance letter from the university. Please contact the Italian Embassy direct.