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Culture is the guiding force of every group and society. It is the driving force of all the actions that its members individually and collectively make. Essentially culture is the dominant dictating force in people’s lives. The basis of the problem of internal and intra-cultural conflict is that the aspects of African American culture that reflect African culture often time are belittled and devalued among its members, because they are dichotomous to European American culture.

The aspects of African culture that are so unique and beautiful are viewed as uncivilized and ignorant by those who seek to gain acceptance in the majority culture. When a person attempts to deny aspects of the self they are living in turmoil. When an individual hates an entire part of their essence, it makes it easy for them to harm another individual who may exhibit those same qualities that are so hated in the individual. The internal and intra-cultural conflict manifests itself in ways that often go unrecognized as a continued denial of the African aspect of the African American self.

Africans on the continent and the Diaspora speaks volumes about the conflict that has caused and created such a profound level of intra-cultural and disunity among Blacks in America. I need to say that your commentary’s are so profound and necessary for the growth of our people, that it makes me wonder if there is some way that you can publish on other websites such as: Black America Web, Africa Within. Black interest, or perhaps publish in some Black magazines. It is indeed a blessing from the Ancestors to have someone with such important information to share with others. Densu and meda wo ase for this post. Mazrui schematizes African racial affinity such that African Americans are «Africans of the blood» but not «Africans of the soil»—the geographical location and historical experiences matter.

I am a so-called African American and I spend quite a lot of time in Ghana. There are many Ghanaian Christians who absolutely no interests in traditional religion which some of the call «evil. Also, the LRA rebels in Uganda are Christians. The LRA is terrorizing villagers in Sudan and Uganda so its misleading to frame this as solely Muslim issue. But I think its important to note that there are many continental Africans who reject the idea of a unified African culture or that this unified thing is desirable. It would, I believe, be a mistake to take African unity as natural.